Jazz music festival

Three festivals in August and September to enjoy the late summer

Late summer is almost here and it is time to think about which festivals to visit in August and September. From classical music to jazz, and a festival dedicated to throwing fruit, let us take a look at a few festivals to check out.

Beethovenfest begins on the last day in August and presents a repertoire of classical music up until the end of September. As the name of the festival gives away, this is a celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born in Bonn. The festival has been around since 1845 and this year you can look forward to an almost one-month-long program. Check out Beethovenfest.

We turn our eyes towards Buñol in Spain, where the yearly La Tomatina festival is held on 30th August. The entire idea is to throw tomatoes at each other for entertainment, which is an original and colorful idea. During the festival about 120 tons of tomatoes will be used and naturally, you should think about wearing clothes that are not too precious. Check out La Tomatina.

The jazz festival Montlouis Jazz takes place close to the city Tours, at the concert hall Espace Ligéria. It starts on 8th September and continues until 17th September so concertgoers have a full 10 days of jazz rhythms to look forward to. This year we can look forward to the 37th edition, check out the program here.