Canal Du Midi In Beziers, France

France or Spain for your road trip in spring? Three questions to ask yourself before deciding

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Spring is officially here and we are in April. With only a couple of months left before the summer season kicks off, some of us can’t wait and are getting ready for a road trip to celebrate spring.

As it happens, April is also a formidable month for warmer weather in France or Spain. Two are famous destinations for spring and summer. But which one to go to if you only have a week or two to spare? Check out these five questions and associated suggestions to help your decide!

1. Coastline or inland?

If you want to see the inland of Spain such as Andalusia, then summer might be way too hot for you. With soaring average temperatures in summer, spring in Spain presents a much more forgiving climate. So if you have your eyes set on Andalusia with thrilling places such as Ronda, Granada, or Seville, then spring may be the best time to visit.

Tossa de Mar and Fortress Vila Vella in Spain.

2. One, two, or +3 places?

How long will you stay? Do you have one particular place in mind that you want to explore more, while including a few more stops on the way? Cities such as Bordeaux and Nice in France, and Madrid and Valencia in Spain, may benefit from a few more days to feel the cultural vibe. Whereas smaller places such as Malaga in Spain and Cannes in France are easily explored in a day or two. That being said, distances from the north of France to the south of France are slightly shorter than north to south in Spain. You might want to consider checking out south of France and north of Spain. Now that’s an exciting choice, with the Pyrenees mountain range in-between. Bordeaux in south of France and Barcelona in north of Spain, with sports in the mountains, could be the unique mix for a spring road trip.

3. How will you travel?

Yes, that good old question. If you want to free yourself from the logistics that come with a car rental, or your car, then train might be a fun option. Because the tourist season is yet to start, chances are you will find trains in both France and Spain to be less crowded. Then again, if that is how you jam and want to meet more travelers like yourself on a rail trip, save that for summer. Also, if you have your mind set on beachlife, then south and east of Spain is not warm enough yet to truly feel the warmth. The same goes for the south coast of France. Yet, if the priority is to visit historical places, then the fewer crowds will be a great advantage in spring.

These are just a few questions and thoughts to get you started! Enjoy the spring. :)