Above the Viktualienmarkt in Munich.

Oktoberfest around the corner – 5 reasons why you should stick around and explore Munich and beyond

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1 Munich is in Bavaria which equals amazing nature

Munich is placed so conveniently that you have mountains to the south, lakes to the west and deep forests stretching north. Did you know about the Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) which is a route through nature in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg? You can visit one of the many villages along the route by car or one of the many tour services.

2 Munich has a range of museums to explore

Thanks to the times of monarchy, some hefty amounts of money were put into building colossal museums that now house art from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian times, to name a few. The Glyptothek and the Museum for Egyptian Art are two prime examples of museums to add to the list for cultural fun. But Munich is also embracing current artists, which can be seen in the Haus der Kunst which is devoted entirely to contemporary art exhibitions.

3 The Bavarian food gets better day by day, so stick around

The hearty food of Bavaria includes sausages, schnitzel, and beer. Well, that was a simplification, of course, but the gist is that if you want to eat meat and drink a variety of Bavarian beer, then you have far more beer gardens and restaurants than the ones in the Altstadt. Stray further out from the touristy spots and you will find beer gardens not only in Olympiapark Biergarten, but also in the English Garden, and around Max-Weber-Platz (the German sociologist, historian, and more). There are many beer gardens that serve the beers from the six Munich breweries: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten.

4 Innsbruck and Salzburg are next door, go for day trips

We mentioned mountains earlier and the Tyrolean mountains in Austria are only two hours away by train. You can reach Innsbruck by train or car and spend the day hiking, mountain biking or just sampling the local restaurant scene. It is doable to leave for Innsbruck early in the morning, spend an entire day there, and come back in the late afternoon. The same holds for Salzburg, which is close to the Eastern Alps (Salzburger Schieferalpen).

5 Viktualienmarkt is perfect for relaxing and a day there gives plenty of relaxation

When morning breaks on Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Bavaria. It is too early for cafes to be open, and that is all good. I have to settle for a coffee stand where there are a few early birds who crave that first cup of coffee in the morning. Viktualienmarkt has a history that goes back centuries, which implies that there will be open cafes in the middle of the victuals market. So if you are an early bird and want to get an early cup of coffee, then head for either .. rösteri or. Both serve a good brew that will set you up for the day’s adventures. There are not many cafes open in Munich’s Altstadt in the mornings. So if you are an early morning bird, your options will be limited at the 07:00 mark in the morning.

The victuals market in Munich has much to offer throughout the day and evening. There is the Viktualienmarkt beer garden, the traditional pubs tucked into the small medieval square Dreifaltigkeitsplatz just east of the victuals market, and of course, the stores selling fresh produce for those who want to cook a meal at home (or hotel).

Mornings are slow on Viktualienmarkt. You will not see busy commuters here or any ramping up of heavy street traffic. So you can safely sip your cup of coffee and close your eyes as you begin to prepare to take on the new day. Take in the scents of cheese, meat, and flowers from the different stalls on the square.

Waiting for noon and the beer garden to open

Around noon the food stalls are open and locals and tourists alike can be found in droves. So you could be better off spending the early hours of the day here and avoid the hustle and bustle at lunch hour. The obvious exception to this is naturally the beer garden on the square – Which is better experienced the more crowded it is for an authentic Bavarian feel to it.

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