Wren in forest

More birdsong and longer days

We are approaching the warmer days of the year in Europe. Birds are up and about earlier in the mornings singing their welcoming tunes to days that are slowly getting longer again. It is a fun season with much expectation in the air!

Flocking to the south to appreciate nature’s foliage

As is customary this time of year, some of us cannot wait until spring makes its entrance on the stage. So trips to places in Spain, Italy and south of France are desired destinations in February and March.

Trees and bushes are shaking off the winter cold to become leafy during the next weeks and months of frondescence. Soon enough, forests will show radiant colors again and it’s a welcome sight for travelers.

Nice in Cote d’Azur might not be as hot as in summertime, but you sure can seize the occasion to sit outside by the beach already as long as you wear a spring jacket. If a road trip along the French Riviera sounds good, then check out these tips for driving around with a car on Cote d’Azur.

Another coastline that is gratifying to visit in springtime is the Amalfi coast. Check out these amazing videos from around the web for some visual inspiration from the Amalfi coastline.

Throughout Europe there are many places to explore in springtime, it is high time for us all to start planning our road trips and next travel adventures.