Sail ship in Hamburg, Germany.

Celebrate spring by going to a festival in April or May

Here comes spring and with it many festivals are opening the doors. Let us check out a few festivals in April and May of 2024.

Setmana Medieval at Montblanc 2024

The Medieval week in Montblanc, Spain, is celebrated around St Jordi Day (23rd April). The medieval market is designed to be as authentic as a visitor could hope for. Be sure to check out the artisan products sold there. At night the medieval tournament is held and on 23rd April a procession occurs. Check out the festival here.

The hiking festival L’Échappée des 1000 Étangs in France

This is the oldest hiking festival in France and runs from April to May. The introduction of the road route in 2004 draws together hiking enthusiasts to explore the southern Vosgues by foot. This is an excellent opportunity to check out the agrarian landscapes, and read more at L’Échappée des 1000 Étangs. On that note, also have a look at Route des Chalots, which is a 120 km long route along old granaries.

The port festival in Hamburg, Germany

The festival Hafengeburtstag celebrates the large port between 9th May and 12th May. The celebration goes back to 1189 when the port was created. You can look forward to a formidable display of visiting ships, modern ships, and museum ships alike. Check out the festival here.