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Growing trends with Flixbus for France, Germany, and Spain in summer 2023

(Published on 26th July 2023)

Where people tend to travel with Flixbus. Buses are an option for holiday travel as Flixbus has proven over the years. So let us take a closer look at the trends in 2023 for the regions France and BeNeLux, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

The French west coast beckons

The French Flixbus travelers are often looking for bus travel to the French west coast and Spain. Belgians use Flixbus to travel to Paris, Lyon, and the west coast. From all these countries, bus travel to the United Kingdom is increasing in demand. Flixbus routes in the region Pays-Basque are more popular, with destinations such as Bayonne , Biarritz, Hendaye, and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Night buses are on the rise in Germany

Night buses are booked more frequently by German travelers, and bus travel within Germany is on the rise in general. The Flixbus routes that take travelers to Berlin stand out in popularity and other Germans tend to use Flixbus to travel to Constance, Heidelberg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Würzburg, and Rostock/Binz by the Baltic Sea.

International bus routes from Spain a success

Overnight bus routes are in demand in both countries and Flixbus has noticed that long-distance travel by bus is frequent. That includes international bus trips although the international bus routes from Spain are currently more expensive due to the closed national market. This is something that Flixbus is working on by sharing experiences from other markets, as mentioned by Flixbus, and Pablo Pastega, the Managing Director for Iberia (Spain & Portugal).

“Mostly we are talking to the relevant (political stakeholders) and are sharing data and experiences from other markets that have opened in recent years, as well as the EU’s perspective on that.”

The rising trend of bus travel continues despite challenges

The bus routes across Europe are therefore continuously growing in use. With night routes available for longer travel, the options are increasing for those who want to explore Europe. Compared to years ago in the dawn of this century, bus travel in Europe has taken a leap towards affordability and availability, thanks to the efforts of Flixbus among other companies. Although challenges remain, it is now simpler than ever before for anyone who is looking for ways to travel around affordably and explore the corners of Europe. We keep our fingers crossed that this trend towards easier and affordable travel continues.

Paul-Christian Markovski

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