Woodland landscape in spring.

February is coming to a close and it is time for spring and road trips

It is prime time for spring to arrive on the scene. This year we are having the leap year so we have to wait that one extra day before we enter the March. Already it is possible to delight in warmer weather in the south of France, Spain, and Italy. Further up north, although not far off, spring is still to come. Nonetheless, expectations are running high for spring and summer vacation in 2024.

This year we can look forward to the continued growth of existing travel trends (one famous travel website stateed that train travel is on the return yet, ahem, Interrail and various national rail passes were released over a year ago, so this trend started already). Yet another online publication stated which trends are on the way out: Visiting over-touristed destinations and too densely packed itineraries were two contenders. And still, places such as Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona are already beginning to welcome tourists as the warmer weather arrives.

The craving for travel in 2024 is like 2023, and more

What is very certain is that people want to go on vacation and that 2023’s craving for travel around Europe is growing strong. While you plan your next vacation and rummage through your wardrobe to find the summerwear, check out these puzzle to be inspired for a hiking and mountainbiking holidays.