Paris and Seine at night

Visiting Paris? Check out the Marais neighbourhood and get a taste of classy Paris

This time of year the sun rises late and sets early and Paris is no exception. But you still see Paris in a light that is special to wintertime. This also means that there will be some astounding light displays in the city.

Take a small detour to the Place des Vosges in the southwest which offers a green lush area in the midst of urban Paris. You will also find many old-world restaurants to have that café au lait with a croissant. You can say that Marais is where French traditions still are visible. It is a famous meeting place for Parisians with its food scene. Whether you want to go to a boulangerie or Michelin-starred restaurants, this is by far the best district to find them.

After that, you can go for a walk and pass by Jardin des Tulieres towards Champs-Elysées. Also remember that aire du lèche vitrines is a popular hobby among Parisians (meaning window-shopping, but literally the French expression means window-licking). Window-shopping is a favourite pastime among Parisians, and you could always try it out yourself. Check out Sèvres-Babylone and the boutiques there. Also, walk through the Marais neighbourhood for a more glitzy show of shop windows and display of lights that creates magical night-time in Paris.

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