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Three reasons to stay in a vacation home instead of a hotel

Live like a local

Vacation homes bring you closer to the community where you will be on holiday. If you are interested in getting to know the local culture, the food, and meet the locals, then a vacation home is the way to go.

You will have a home base and go exploring from there. This is optimal if you want to experience the nature in a region. Simply get a vacation home in the vicinity and then use your chosen transport, bike, boat or car, to discover the area while still knowing that you have the comfort of your temporary home to come back to in the evening.

Know what to expect

Hotels may be the fast and easy solution but it is not as easy to choose the amenities that you want. You can choose the type of property and even consider glamping if you want to get close to nature but still have the real comfort of a relaxing vacation. These days it is not that difficult to find even cottages that have extras that hotels simply cannot provide. Of course, with a vacation home you also avoid the situation where a hotel place you in a different room because of booking errors, so you will only have to unpack once. Then you can make your stay calm without feeling like you are in a room ready for cleaning and changing tenant every morning.

Get more room

That’s right, vacation rentals are standalone houses (or cottages) so you will have space around you. Of course, you want to look into how the vacation home is located, if it has several similar units next to it. But the fact remains, you will get more room and feel less cramped like in a hotel.

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