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Three planning mistakes you should avoid when you rent a vacation home in 2021

Spring is here and we are all counting the days and weeks until June and the official beginning of the summer season. Holidays in vacation homes is a fun way to get into nature and still enjoy a comfortable stay. But there are some mistakes to avoid when you go on a holiday and stay in a vacation home, let’s check them out!

1. Photos of a vacation home do not tell the entire story. The property may look inviting on that photo, but remember that it is a marketing photo. Check out Google Maps to see the surroundings, where will you really be staying? What is nearby? It’s all about that extra research, so that you avoid being disappointed later. Usually you can do that research in a few minutes.

2. If you run into issues during your stay, do raise the issues. Chances are that that there will be someone to help to overcome the issue. It is in both your interest and the vacation home owner to give you the best possible stay. So stay optimistic and speak up if there are any concerns.

3. Follow the rules that are there for you as a vacation home renter. This includes arrival and departure times, but also behaviour and noise levels. Try to make it a good stay for you and the neighbours as well. Make sure to share the rules with your group.

With these few important thoughts you are already more prepared to make the holiday in a vacation home a fun experience. It is really about preparing for the unknowns that may come up during your trip, and simple steps of reflection go a long way.

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