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Three reasons to allow randomness decide where you go for your road trip

1. What are you missing out on if you don’t?

Plans for road trips can be hard to change if you don’t consider flexibility well beforehand. So what are you missing out on if you plan every stop, and every road, that you want to travel along? Who are you missing out on meeting and what places and experiences will you never be aware of? This could be an endless debate, for sure. And the idea is not to avoid planning road trips. But one of the exciting prospects of road trips is that they present you with a multitude of different roads (literally) to follow. So when you decide on where to go next for your road trip, maybe you could jot down several alternatives and see where you fancy taking a turn (or not). Allow for some uncertainty to make it into your itinerary, and don’t try to squeeze too much into your road trip. Chances are that you then rush between sights and places without achieving the peace of mind that can lead to a spur-of-the-moment idea on where to go next.

2. Learning something new and unexpected

As we are propelled forward in time, we are in many ways led by our prior achievements, be it work or leisure. That also means that we can have a tendency to treat a road trip, or any holiday for that matter, with the same sense of routine that we are used to back home. So if you want to expand your mental horizon, then by allowing some randomness into your road trip, you may very well stumble upon new ideas. And how knows, maybe those ideas will you give a new meaningful direction even when you are back home.

3. One thing leads to another

This is related to the latest reason, however, it is worth giving some more attention. The saying one thing leads to another stipulates that one event or action leads to others. So, in essence, by taking that one unknown step, choosing that unfamiliar road, or deciding to take a different train that previously thought of, you may start a chain of different routes, meet new people, and see places you never knew of. All that together gives you incredible road trip memories.

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