Palm trees by the coastline in Malaga, Spain

Welcome July and high summer!

July has a lot to offer for those who want to go for city weekends and nature trips. All around Europe, the weather is at its warmest on average. Maybe you are thinking of heading south to the Mediterranean, for instance, Canal du Midi is a perfect choice for a boating adventure. Or maybe you are curious about the Irish or Scandinavian cities or nature landscapes. Whichever has caught your interest, this is the time to head out and explore Europe!

If you are heading to Spain, then Malaga will give you absolute summer vibes. If it’s the beach life that has you rushing off on vacation, then this is the month that is the busiest season of the year for beach vacations. But there are ways to avoid the crowds, check out how to avoid the crowded beaches in Europe during your summer road trip.

Boating in south of France

This time of year is the perfect time to head to the south of France and in Bordeaux or the French Riviera in particular. A long weekend in Bordeaux may be a different way to spend a few days in summery July. However, if you are thinking about a road trip by car on the French Riviera, do not forget about the road tools! Check out our latest short road trip around Cannes and the French Riviera. This is a trip that never gets old, with the quaint small streets and pretty views along the beaches and old town.

Mountains instead of beaches?

Some of us are heading into the mountains. And fair enough, there is more space to be found there. Speaking of that, did you consider combining German Bavaria and Austria in particular? Have a look at a trip to Munich and a day trip to Salzburg.