Sunset seen in a car's rearview mirror

Let’s give a round of applause for summertime and cheer for approaching September

It’s been a hectic and fun summer, it really still is summer and we can look forward to at least another month of late summer. Holiday travel is again booming and this can be seen throughout Europe. Whether you go to beaches in France or Spain or visit cities in Germany or Denmark, the trend is clear: We. Want. To. Go. On. Holidays! :)

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An interview with FlixBus revealed that affordable bus travel is spreading fast in France, Spain, and Germany. Check out the more popular routes with FlixBus that are trending this year.

Copenhagen in Denmark may not be the obvious choice for a weekend trip in summer. But as a matter of fact, this city has plenty to offer for cuisine, sights and the nearness to water. So maybe it is an idea to consider 24 hours in Østerport for the traveler looking for peace and quiet in Copenhagen, whether you are traveling as a tourist or for business.

Puzzles are very welcome when sitting down after hours of exploring and active adventures in cities, beaches, and mountains. Mountains? Yeah, check out this collection of puzzles dedicated to mountains.