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Jazz festivals in June and July

It’s summertime and that means prime time to visit jazz festivals. Throughout the summer you can check out plenty of music festivals. Here below is a selection that will certainly spark your interest. The best part is that none is overlapping, so you could easily combine a road trip to include them all.

Elbjazz in Hamburg

Elbjazz in Hamburg has been around since 2010 and this year it takes place over two days, 7th and 8th June. Check out the festival here.

Festival Django Rheinhardt

Between 27th and 30th June this festival will present performances to celebrate the Belgian jazz artist Django Rheinhardt. Also consider visiting the cozy town Bruges when you are in Belgium. This has been around for decades and you are sure to be inclined to dance to this amazing gypsy jazz music! Take a look at the line-up here.

Jazz a Vienne

This jazz festival takes place in Vienne, close to Lyon in eastern France. Be sure to check out the city Lyonof while you are in the region. The festival takes place between 27th June and 12th July, have a look at the program here.

Copenhagen jazz festival

In Copenhagen, you can listen to jazz performances for over a week between 5th July and 14th July. If you go to Copenhagen there are more unique restaurants and calm parks to relax in the Østerport neighborhood. Check out the jazz festival here.

Jazz festival in Montreux

The Montreux jazz festival will entertain visitors between the 5th and 20th of July. Since the festival is so close to the Alps, you might want to combine the festival with some hiking in the Alps (puzzle: Can you complete the sentences about the Alps?). This year will be the 58th edition of the jazz festival in Montreux, check out the program here.