Algarve in Portugal

Ideas for your spring vacation!

Recently we mentioned some fresh ideas for a spring vacation this year. But there is more, let us look at a few highlights for holidays and activities in spring.

As you may know, Algarve is a prime destination for sun vacations. Portugal’s fine coastline in the south of the country has some beaches that are treasure-like. 

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Algarve and Portugal are up there in the top list of places to go to in spring. After all, the spring begins in southern Europe before it works its way toward the north.

Hamburg in Germany may a very good option for a city trip. Its lively food and music scene goes well with a few days away, and more so when the days become longer and the sun is out in Hamburg.

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Check out these niche museums in Hamburg as you wander around this old city with its roots in Hanseatic times. Hamburg is a spectacular sight when the sun is out and shows the ships and canals in beautiful light.