Sunny day in a marina in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg when the sun is out

The weather in Hamburg often draws its inspiration from the cold winds of the Baltic. This is after all right by the sea, and the seas of the north add their blistering cold to the climate of Hamburg. But when the sun comes out in Hamburg, it does so with fanfare. The cranes in the docklands stand proud as the light reflects off their strong beams of steel.

The warehouses now made into restaurants, offices, and whatnot show a reddish tint that reminds of a blush, and it is fitting. Like a blushing of the red brick buildings as they welcome the sun. When the sun is out in Hamburg, smiles abound. People walk with determination, and the jolly moin can be heard clearly as people greet each other.


Yes, when the sun is out in Hamburg..

A seagull gazing out over the Elbe by a paddle steamer.

The view of the city from the Philarmonic building leaves no wish for music to coax one into smiling. Instead, the glittering of Elbe below does it for you. The cranes in the south of Hamburg line up like they are on parade and even the moored ships seem as if they are lifted just so much higher up in the water to draw the warmth of the sun’s rays.

When walking down the street next to the Maritime museum, the bridge looks even more inviting as a platform to gaze out along the water and the buildings that line up down the canal and it is ever slightly easier to reminisce on past times, when old barges would be going up and down the canals delivering their valuable cargo from lands far, far away. To walk by the pier in St. Pauli is a luxury with the warming sun rays at one’s back. And indeed, the hollering of the restaurant owners, and the ship callouts as boats moor and depart – They all have a higher pitch that tells of the innate joy people feel on a sunny day.

This is Hamburg. This is Hamburg when the sun is out. A promising yet rare encounter that leaves one wanting more. So, in other words, try to time your visit to Hamburg to warmer and sunnier days to fully be rewarded with an atmosphere meant for walking around and exploring the city. There is more to see close to the coast, check out Hamburg for a day and Travemunde the second.

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