White car on a mountain road. The sun is shining and the sky is clear.

March is almost here and so is spring with exciting road trips

We are quickly approaching the last month of the quarter. There is still plenty of time to go skiing (maybe cross-country skiing in Bavaria is an idea for you to check out). Then again, maybe you are already pondering where your road trips will take you this year. Spring is almost here and with that month there are celebrations to welcome the warmer season that brings with it new colors in nature. Spring is also a feast for lovers of hiking, take a look at this recent puzzle about hiking routes in Europe.

Hamburg in Germany may a very good option for a city trip. Its lively food and music scene goes well with a few days away, and more so when the days become longer and the sun is out in Hamburg.

The river Rhine in Cologne, Germany

Canal cruise anyone?

Another bonus comes with spring, and summer for that matter. These are the months when canal cruises around Europe are open to book. You can get to see some fascinating landscapes along the Rhine, Rhône, or Elbe from a canal boat. This is a travel adventure to look into. To learn more about the stunning canals in Europe, try this puzzle where you complete sentences about canals in Europe.

Now, what is a road trip in Europe without a visit to a castle? If you’re particularly keen on seeing remnants of the Renaissance in France, head over to check if you know these three Renaissance castles in France.