Beach view with dramatic clouds and sky in San Sebastian, Spain.

Skiing in January and February, while waiting for spring

It’s prime time for skiing whether you are going downhill skiing or cross-country skiing. January is coming to a close and the winter is at its height. Meanwhile, some are looking forward to the warmer weather and heading to Spanish islands down south for more light and less harsh temperatures. But why limit oneself to islands, try exploring Costa Brava in Spain as well. Although we are far from spring still, there are entrancing islands to visit for a break from city life, such as Porquerolles and Pontevedra. If you’re in the mood for a spring weekend in a city, then any of these four cities would present you with fun city life and cuisine to yearn for.

Skiing and snowboarding in Scandinavia?

If you are up for a very different place for your ski vacation, then check out these locations in Norway and Sweden. And for those wanting to learn cross-country skiing, here are some useful tips.

Finally, try this puzzle to see what you know about cross-country skiing..

Bring on February, more winter sports, and spring holiday planning!