Fortress Vila Vella on Costa Brava

3 exciting things to do on Costa Brava in Spain

Canoeing and kayaking

Costa Brava is perfect for canoeing or kayaking along the coast. Also, if you are planning on a longer boating adventure, remember that the Costa Brava coastline is just over 210 kilometers long. There is one real highlight to include on your paddling adventure, the town Vila Vella. This is the only fortified medieval town left along the Catalan coastline. This town has been around since the 12th century. It is definitely a more authentic experience and learn about the centuries past. The small alleys in the Old Town are a treat to get lost in.

Cap de Creus park

To get closer to nature and a natural park, you should visit the Cap de Creus park in the northern part of Costa Brava. Moreover, this is a peninsula with a park offering a mix of cliffs and bays to explore. Also, if you want to regain your energy after hiking or biking there, check out the small town of Cadaqués you can enjoy the seafood restaurants and wander around the old alleys. Also, for the foodie, don’t forget to try Fideauá which is a sort of paella associated with the Catalan region.

Hike the S’Agaró coastal paths

If you want to go for a longer scenic hike, check out the S’Agaró coastal paths. Also, this hike you will give you insights into much of the Catalan coastline. You will pass through towns, along beaches and cliffs. Historically these were routes for fishermen who moved along the coast, from beach to beach. So you can see how these coastal trails are a great choice if you want to get to know the Costa Brava and its beaches, such Sa Conca, Cala Pedrosa, and Platja Sant Pol.

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