North coast of Menorca

3 reasons why you should hike the Camí de Cavalls trail on Menorca

This long distance trail on the island Menorca in Spain is known by holidaygoers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

1. The trail makes a complete circuit of the island and is a different way of exploring the entire coast line of the island. In the past the trail was used for the defense of the coastline and horse riders would ride between watch towers. The history of the trail combined with the fact that you can see the entire coastline by following this trail makes it a very memorable adventure.

2. It is very easy to measure how far you want to go and how long your hiking adventure should be. You have 10 full day stages and can also plan it into 20 stages with half day hikes. This means you can easily measure your progress and decide how far you want to go. Keep in mind that each stage is about a day’s worth of walking.

3. This is not just a hiking trail! The name Camí de Cavalls literally means ‘Way of horses’ and the name is a memory of bygone days when riders would ride the trail to watch over the coastline. Still today you can explore the trail by bike or even on horseback.

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