Calo Des Moro, Mallorca, in Spain

Combine your sun vacation in Mallorca with sporty fun

Mallorca is much more than a destination for sun and beach vacations. Check out these three tips for sporty activities you can enjoy while you explore the island.

1. Kayaking around the coastline of Mallorca is a terrific way to see the island. You can explore the coast at your own pace and if you want to go further you can also paddle to the island Malgrats, that is one kilometer away from Mallorca.

2. This island is full of cliffs rising high above the crystal blue water along the coast. You can finally give coasteering a go, a sporty way to get a very different view of the water and cliffs. By abseiling down rock faces and jumping into the sea you have your adventure all set. There are also many caves that you will get the thrill to see.

3. SUP in a dreamlike setting. This trendy sport is known globally the last years. With the beaches and cliffs around Mallorca, you have at your disposal great waters and views to admire while paddling along with a paddle board.

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