The Saar Loop in Saarland, Germany

Three reasons why you should explore Saarland in Germany

1. The Saarschleife in Saarland has a landscape that might come as a surprise to adventure travellers. In this region you will come across dreamy valleys and hills covered in vines. Also keep in mind that Saarland has many forests and hiking trails through them. There is even a trail that connects Perl with Trier, close to a month long hike. Of course, you can go hiking in a more relaxed way for a shorter distance. The nature in Saarland and the city life in Saarbrücken is definitely worth a longer visit.

2. The Schlossberg Caves is a surreal sight. These man-made sandstone caves form a maze that goes many stories down into ground. These caves were originally sand mines in the 17th-century and are in eastern Germany.

3. Saarbrücken is a small city but has an abundance of historic sights, art galleries and an active restaurant scene. You could top off an active holiday in Saarschleife with a visit to Saarbrücken to get a perfect combination of wildlife and city life during your holiday.

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