Spring in nature with the sun setting over a lake.

7 reasons why a nature retreat in UK during spring is a good holiday

1. You get to see nature blossom literally around you, when you stay in a cottage or house on the countryside.

2. With less airplane travel and off-season for city travel, you can enjoy nature after a long and dark winter. Leave the city trips to later when the time is right.

3. Wild nature can be hard to find for all us city dwellers. But the reward is so much bigger when you find that nature retreat that gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries. If you are out in time in early spring you might find that there are scenic retreats that no one has booked yet.

4. Take the chance to go for long spring hikes and bring your camera every day during your stay in the wilderness. This is how you can make some really lasting memories with your family and friends. Spring will present the colors and scenes that make for perfect backgrounds with your loved ones as you go exploring the countryside.

5. If you want to try a new sport such as mountainbiking, fishing or maybe canoeing, spring is an excellent time to do so! The temperature is more welcoming in spring, and you will also reap the health benefits from a new sporty activity. Add to that the fresh air which will certainly be a fresh experience compared to the city air that you have experienced during the long winter months.

6. It is relatively easy to find transport or go by car to nature retreats in spring, before the onset of the busy summer.

7. Spring gradually turns into summer, so if you pick your dates right for your nature retreat, you might find that you get some time of spring and summer warmth in your selected location!