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Three steps to combine a hiking adventure with a relaxing hotel stay

Why choose between an active holiday in nature with a relaxing hotel experience? You don’t need to choose. Check out these three steps to combine both elements to have an active and relaxing holiday.

1. Pick a natural park in France or Germany that has good communication with a neighbouring city known for its tourism appeal. Examples include the Eifel forest not far from Aachen in Germany, or the Port-Cros National Park close to Toulon in France.

2. Begin your holiday with staying in a hotel that has great spa facilities. Before you book, you should check the time it will take you to get to the natural park, whether you want to travel by car, train or bus.

3. Let the fun begin! You can either choose to first go to the natural park and stay in a lodge there, and then go to your spa hotel towards the second half of your vacation. Or you could do it in reverse order. If you are able to be really mobile with a car, you might want to use the spa hotel as your primary and only residence throughout your vacation. Then you will need to look into renting a car to make sure you can go out into the wild relatively fast. Is it doable? It sure is! You will find plenty of national parks in both France and Germany that are conveniently located close to cities.

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