Cows standing in farm pasture.

Should you consider a farm stay this summer?

Farm stays include accommodation on a working farm. Some farm stays allow the visitors to participate in the daily farm functions, such as feeding animals. This will then be a combination of accommodation and a work exchange agreement. Other farm stays focus on being a relaxing retreat. Usually the guests will pay similar rates as those for bed & breakfast.

What types are there?

Farm stay accommodation vary and you can make it into different type of vacation every time you choose a farm. For instance, you may find that some farms offer you an entire cottage to stay in, whereas others have farmhouse guest rooms so that you live closer to the host. You can even find the possibility to set up a tent on farmland.

Farm stays are part of the trend called agritourism where a farmer opens his or her farm to tourists. The trend has been around since the 1980s and is a winning concept in countries such as France and Italy. However, you will find possible farm stays further north in Europe as well.

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