Algarve in Portugal

Greet the sun in these European locations in spring

The cold weather is slowly giving way to warmer temperatures as we approach March. This time of year we yearn for spring colors to come back, and of course the next road trip to go on!

So are you ready for spring? Here are three locations in southern Europe to look into if you want to soak up the sun as spring arrives!

Algarve in Portugal

As you may know, Algarve is a prime destination for sun vacations. Portugal’s fine coastline in the south of the country has some beaches that are treasure-like. If you want beach life and you want it early this year, Algarve is as good as a bet you can make!

Don’t miss out on the cliff walk at Praia de Marinha. Also, if you are around Lagos town, then Praia de Dona Ana is a mere stone’s throw away. A bonus are the turquoise waters and limestone cliffs that adorn this location.

Valetta on Malta

Valetta is a gem, well hidden away in the Mediterranean, on the island nation Malta. If you are longing to experience a different culture and get up close to historical remains in a warm place in spring, then Valetta will very likely be a winner. Check out the contrast between this small city and its beaches Pearl Beach, Wuestenwinds Beach, and Fond Għadir Beach. Valetta is a peninsula on the island and there are no sandy beaches there. But if you really want a beach vacation combined with your culture trip, then Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Armier Bay will be great beaches to add to your itinerary.

Seville in Spain

Not everyone wants to go to the beach. But many want the warmth of the sun and greet spring by wearing summer clothes, eating out, and working on the suntan. Seville in Spain can cater to the sun dwellers and foodies out there. Some food experiences are unmissable, such as the local ham (Jamón) and of course, churros, that delicious fried dough dipped in dark chocolate. Yummy! Now picture that sitting outside with a cold drink. Seville is also known for its flamenco dancing, so include some musical delight with your food and soaking up the sun. Oh, and if you really want to go to the beach after all that, check out Matalascañas which is a six-kilometer long beach, less than 90 minutes away by car from Seville.

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