Sunrise over a road in a forest

Spring is.. almost here

It’s the height of the winter season. Skiing, skating and snowboarding are the tempting travel activities as we approach mid-January. But what can we look forward to in springtime? Well, so much of course! But here are a few suggestions to spark some ideas for your own travel adventures in Europe this spring.

Explore Lyon and go to Beaujolais on a day trip

Are you interested in the French architectural diversity and history going back many centuries? Then Lyon is just the place to go to, and don’t forget that you can combine it with a day trip to Beaujolais.

Malaga for the kayaking and caving explorer

Rafting is quite popular on the Genil River which is between Malaga and Cordoba. Moreover, spring comes early to Malaga. This city on Costa del Sol in Spain enjoys warm temperatures much earlier than most places in Europe in springtime. Check out Malaga for kayaking and caving.

Four landmarks in France and Germany you have to see

If you are planning on a random road trip in France or Germany, let us have a look at four historical places that stand out and can be highlights of any road trip.

Canal du Midi in France with boating

This canal that is on the Unesco world heritage list is a treat to explore. If you find yourself close to the town Mèze in the Etang de Thau in France, you can use one of the canoe rentals, read more about boating in Mèze and the option to begin in Toulouse.