Lyon in France

Explore Lyon and go to Beaujolais on a day trip

Are you interested in the French architectural diversity and history going back many centuries? Then Lyon is just the place to head to. Lyon in southeastern France has been around since 43 BC and the Vieux-Lyon district is one of the largest renaissance neighbourhoods, covering 424 hectares. This is a district to aimlessly wander around along medieval alleys and spot the old architectural wonders that bridge medieval and renaissance times. It is a unique opportunity to see how these architectures blend together in a French city.

Find your path through the Traboules

The Traboules is a network of hidden passageways in Lyon. They go through courtyards and buildings in the city and you have more than 40 Traboules to check out. It is such a famous concept that for many visitors it is sort of a sport to go searching for these hidden passaageways.

The wine making region Beaujolais on a day trip

The Beaujolais is in Burgundy and lies northwest of Lyon and a convenient distance from the city to go there on a day trip. This region has been cultivated for over a thousand years and was first cultivated by the Romans as they established their trading route in the Saône valley.

Don’t forget..

As you explore the city by foot, a visit to the Place Bellecour will give you a good place to start your excursions around the city. Also, to get that stunning photo of the city, head over to the Fourvière hill with its view over the expanse of Lyon below.

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