Kayaking on a river in summertime

Explore Canal du Midi with boating: The quick and easy way in Mèze or in Toulouse

The Canal du Midi has been around for centuries and it was built in the 1600s. This canal that is on the Unesco world heritage list is a treat to explore. It is 240 km long and runs from the lagoons collectively called Étang de Thau. The canal reaches all the way to Toulouse and surrounds itself with a pastoral landscape as it winds on. This is a haven for sporty travellers who like canoeing!

Mèze as a destination for canoeing and local cuisine

If you find yourself close to the town Mèze in the Etang de Thau, you can use one of the canoe rentals. It is sheltered from the wild waters of the lagoon which you can also choose to explore in addition to the Canal du Midi. The town is also known for the shellfishing, so this is a good place to try some local cuisine with shellfish.

If on the other hand you find yourself in Toulouse, there is the Nature Occitane just outside of the city. It has kayaking and canoeing facilities. You can decide on if you want to go for a more relaxing canoeing trip or try the more wild white water kayaking. In this area there are some spectacular gorges around the canal that make the setting even more impressive. All in all, this is a great destination if you want to go canoeing, try exquisite local food as well as do travel photography (check out some of our easier photography tips here).

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