Altmühl river in Bavaria

5 great rivers for canoeing in France and Germany

There are many unexplored rivers by travellers in France and Germany. Check out five top picks for rivers to go canoeing in the countries.

The River Ardeche runs through gorges and arrives at Rhône at Pont Saint Esprit. You can look forward to more than 20 km of canoeing and there are some rapids along the way. You will also pass under the Pont D’Arc which is a natural stone bridge that formed over time.

In the Loire valley has the Touraine with the Château de Chenonceau over the river Cher. The château has arches that you can paddle under, while pondering on the fact that the estate has been around since the 11th century.

The Dordogne runs through Beynac, Agent, Quercy, and Perigord. Along the way you will encounter cliffs and gorges. This river is more gentle than others and suitable for slow and relaxed canoeing.

Let’s look to rivers in south of Germany that are great for canoeing. There are plenty of rivers in this region which is the gateway to the Alps. You can choose a more active mountain river to the calmer river with stunning views suitable for leisurely paddling.

The Altmühl river from Gunzenhausen to Beilngries is a relaxed route and this is a very slow river in Bavaria. If instead, you want to stay closer to Munich, then south of the city there is the Isar river that goes from Sylvensteinsee to Thalkirchen. The river is not as calm as Altmühl but you could plan for a canoeing adventure that lasts several days. Prepare for some amazing views of turquoise waters.

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