Coastline in Malaga, Spain

Malaga for the kayaking and caving explorer

It’s easy to feel comfortable on the sun coast in Spain, or Costa del Sol as it is known. But what can you experience if you really force yourself to leave the beach and the surrounding bars..? What lies north of the city? First of all, take a deep breath as you turn your back on the beach and lapping waves. There is plenty to discover in the nature in the Andalucia region. You can find untouched spots close to the coast as well as inland, perfect for sporty and active adventures. They can be found in Malaga and neighbouring Nerja, to name a couple. But further inland you can find well kept places that still resonate with bygone times, with traditional architecture and way of life. That’s right, by heading inland from Costa del Sol you move away from the hordes of tourists who are more than happy to take your spot on the beach. But let’s begin with checking out what Malaga has to offer for active travellers like yourself.

Malaga with kayaking and caving

You can begin your journey in Malaga in the south of Spain. This old city was the home of Picasso and there is a museum dedicated to this famous artist there. Already in Malaga you can find fun sporty adventures. How about rafting or going caving for instance. Rafting is super popular on the Genil River which is between Malaga and Cordoba. If you always wanted to try rafting and to do it in an organized fashion, you are in luck! The rafting here is always done with an instructor. So get ready for a proper adrenalin adventure! If you want to check out caving, then there are two good location around Malaga, Cueva de la Lismosna and Cueva de Nag├╝eles. For the more daring caving thrill seekers, Cueva Hundidero-Gato has plenty of intriguing rock formations with entire lakes in the cave system.

Plenty of kayaking options

In Malaga, you can go kayaking in the open water as well as inland on rivers. los Acantilados de Maro by Nerja by the coast is particularly scenic. For inland kayaking, check out Caminito del Rey. Look for the combined bike+kayak tour organizers, so you can mix it up with some stretching your legs with a bike ride.

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