La Roche in Belgium.

The results are in! How much time survey respondents want to spend on vacation in summer 2024

The survey saw a considerable response rate and the results are in. Here follows how long the EuropeZigZag readers have wanting to go on summer vacation this summer.

33% wanted to go for a one-week vacation while 22% said that they would have been happy to go on a long vacation throughout the summer. This brings us to the topic of long-term road trips in Europe which is a topic that is exciting and not so uncommon as one might think.

Just over one in five will go for either a one-week vacation or a two-week vacation. So it seems that one week is the preferred, while two or four weeks are the next most frequent lengths for vacations.

Where to go for the sun for a week this summer

Lately, there is more being said about how busy it can become in the summer months. Some vacation goers make it a priority to go where there are fewer crowds, just as much as they are looking for pleasant scenery and fun activities. So let’s have a look at destinations that are off the beaten track and rarely explored by the masses of tourists in summer.

Saint-Emilion close to Bordeaux in France

Yes, Bordeaux may be one of the top picks for wine lovers but compared with cities such as Paris. But do you know about Saint-Emilion? It is close to Bordeaux and gives you spectacular inspiration if you are open to a road trip in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The Belgian Ardennes and the nearby Eifel forest

The Belgian Ardennes forest is +210 000 hectares large (compared to the French Ardennes with 60 000 hectares and the Luxembourg Ardennes with +80 000 hectares). This makes the Belgian Ardennes a terrific choice to go hiking, biking, and also to check out spa hotels. There are more than 200 spa hotels in the region so you will not lack choices. Check out some cool videos from the Belgian Ardennes from various videos found on YouTube.

Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps

It may be associated more with winter sports, but Innsbruck in Austria in summer can present some stunning vistas with its surrounding mountain range Nordkette. Better yet, because it is between Germany and Italy, you can easily go there by train from for instance Munich in Bavaria or Bologna in Italy. Check out this example day trip to Innsbruck from Munich.