Sunset in London, by the Thames

Up for a fun weekend in London? Say no more!

Visit Hyde Park and take a break from the busy sides of the city. Better yet, combine it with a long walk to explore the area around Paddington and Kensington. Both neighbourhoods are quintessential to the London atmosphere.

To see a very different neighbourhood, check out Camden in the north of London. This is where you will find more of the alternative side of London, and also many venues to try international cuisine and go shopping in exciting small stores. Taken together, these areas will give you an allround view and London experience. Also, you can top of the exploration by visiting Camden Lock and relax by Regent’s canal. If you want to push yourself a bit, it is possible to walk all the way along the canal to King’s Cross.

Soho. This is famous for the night life and has a multitude of English bars to visit for a pint. But moreover, there are jazz bars and it is close to some of the larger theatres and musical performance venues, such as Soho Theatre and the Royal Opera House. So if you are in the mood to combine culture with a fun night on the town, then Soho will certainly cater to your wishes!

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