A bike that says.. Pause!

So it’s New Year’s Eve and we plan to go exploring – Five hardwon lessons not to overplan your Europe road trip

  1. There is no such thing as perfect weather or season. This continent has places and activities for all seasons. It is more about flexibility and trying out what you may not have considered. So how do you find out what you don’t already wish to do during your next road trip? Think of the opposites. If you always go travelling in spring, ask yourself (and people on Internet..) what you could see and explore in autumn. If you always travel by car, ask yourself what it would be like to travel by train, bicycle, moped or what have you.
  2. Planning is very fine, but keep a budget and holiday days in reserve for when that “spur of the moment” opportunity comes your way. Example: Someone tells you about a carnival somewhere in France that occurs in early spring, weeks away from now. It just so happens cheese, wine and medieval French music is the center of attention. With some money and holidays aside, you can go and experience something you didn’t even anticipate. You will probably enjoy that adventure much more than if you had planned for it months in advance.
  3. “I need this, that, and that before I can go”. No, you actually need the will to go, the go-getter attitude to do it, and cash and time to travel. Don’t complicate road trips. They don’t “have” to be three weeks long, nor do they “have” to take you all around Europe in one sweep.
  4. “I’m tired, I’ll just wait until things have calmed down”. We all live hectic lives and have plenty going on. Travel usually gives you more energy than it takes and it can give you that break from the rat race. Changing the setting and meeting people as you travel will most certainly become charming memories to recall when you’re commuting to work those rainy mornings in the future.
  5. Top five and top ten lists can only do so much for you. You need to pack a bag, buy a ticket (or get some kind of vehicle to travel with) and get going on your own. ;)

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