Reach out for those hotel bargains!

Save on your hotel expenses during your road trips in Europe

So you are travelling around Europe and improvising your itinerary. Then you are also flexible with hotel reservations.

Let’s check out how you can make last minute bargains for hotel rooms.

1. If you use, you should know about the last minute prices they offer. A concrete example: For a hotel room in central London, 230€ for three nights, on the day before checkin I found a last minute offer on the same hotel and dates for 180€! That’s 50€ saved by just cancelling the current reservation and making a new one.

You have to be proactive though, the importance is in the name itself: Last minute prices. But for that extra minute spent on the Booking site, you may very well end up saving enough money for a dinner out.

2. Some hotels offer loyal guest discounts. If you really, really enjoyed your hotel stay, talk with the receptionist to find out if you can get a discount for your next stay. Don’t forget to compliment them, that will make the hotel staff happy and you might be the reason they smile even more to the next guest. The principle “pay it forward” at its finest!

3. So you feel like exploring the city’s hidden gems but don’t know where to start? Chances are you want to stay in a boutique hotel that is off the trodden tourist path. Well there, ask the staff for their personal recommendations. Make sure to be friendly and not pushy. After all, they probably have had their fair share of tourists and will only share their tips with someone that is genuinely nice and friendly.

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