Sun setting behind mountains at dusk.

Autumn and the few remaining sunny warm days before the leaves turn colors

Autumn is here and we can look forward to the warmer colors of the season. Lately we looked at the rise of the electric kickscooter, which is now part of the urban cityscape in most European cities. Whether they are rentals or owned by the riders, it is quickly becoming an option for urban transport. Meanwhile, electric car registrations are up according to ACEA.

Beer festival or museum visit, or both?

The Oktoberfest started and we checked out other reasons to go to Munich and Bavaria than the world famous beer festival. It turns out that it was super easy to list five reasons to check out Munich and surrounding region more.

A visit to the Mediterranean museum in Stockholm, Sweden, showed that it is possible to have different focal points than the Greco-Roman cultures. In the museum the prominent exhibitions were from Egypt and Cyprus which set the stage for a refreshing perspective. Not only were those exhibitions thrilling, but they were equally fun when juxtaposing them with other cultures in ancient times.