Electric car charging.

Electric car registrations are growing in France and Germany while rail travel is gaining momentum

Electric cars are becoming more mainstream as passenger car registrations show. In a report by ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) for July, the two largest EU markets, France and Germany, grew by +32,4% and 68,9% respectively. This means that in the two largest markets in the EU, the electric car is spreading fast as consumers choose to invest in that instead of petrol cars and the combustion engine that ruled for so long.

Green travel in Europe is becoming easier

In the meantime, rail travel is gaining more momentum as the times of green travel are making headlines in many countries. The Austrian Nightjet is introducing more lines. The Interrail pass has gone digital, enabling people to use their mobile phones for the activation and usage of their rail pass. Germany opened up the German Rail Pass to foreigners. Taken together, these signs point towards stronger efforts to simplify and open up more green travel methods to more people.