Autumn view of alpine valley in Germany

Five signs that you are ready for an active autumn in nature

1. Your suntan of the summer has already given way for your natural skin tone. You don’t mind because these last weeks you are constantly thinking of the fresh air you can experience when biking and hiking in autumn. Moreover, you are glancing at the photo memories from last year’s autumn sporty adventures, in awe of colours of nature you will see soon again.


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2. You spend less time thinking about sundrenched beaches, and more time picking out new boots and hiking gear online as you are getting ready to rock that hiking or biking trail in late autumn.

3. All your summer memories are shared with friends and family. Your photos are sorted and framed on the wall. Moreover, now you just can’t wait to get that video of you racing downhill on a hilly forest path, climbing a mountain or kayaking over a misty lake surrounded by yellow, orange and red tree blossoms.

4. You have already tried to pack a backpack with the essentials for that long weekend in the wild, and who cares about unpacking it, eh? That trip is happening soon.

5. In your email archive there is at least one email thread with your friends about an upcoming trip into the wild. Moreover, that email thread is added to more and more frequently because you and your friends share travel anecdotes and new ideas as for where to go, what hiking, bikepacking, or canoeing gear to check out.

Welcome autumn. Let’s make it an active one!

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