Nature hike in autumn

7 simple ways to enjoy an autumn hike

It is that time of year when nature changes color and displays some remarkable palettes. This is also the chance to fully enjoy some fresh air and go for a hike before winter sets in. Let’s look at seven simple ways to make your autumn hike more enjoyable!

  • Pick an area that has high foliage, since you want to see the changing colors of autumn. Forests or nature reserves are more likely to give you that opportunity.
  • Don’t forget to consider your skill level. There is little enjoyment from setting out on a 20 kilometer day hike if your fitness and experience would do better with a 5 kilometer leisurely walk in a forest.
  • Dress in layers. The weather in autumn is known to be unpredictable, so expect frosty weather, maybe some rain. Even more important to dress well to stay warm and dry when out hiking. After all, you want to enjoy the scenery more than miss the sofa back home. :)
  • Create a hiking kit that includes essentials such as flashlight because the sun sets early in autumn, a first-aid kit and some sunscreen if you are lucky enough to have a really sunny autumn day ahead of you. Bring some snacks and plan for when you will eat, naturally that includes water and maybe you could even combine the hike with indulging in a picnic at a scenic location.
  • The weather.. You can avoid the worst by checking the weather forecast. A simple yet rewarding step. Remember that temperatures are likely to fluctuate throughout the day and it can get really cold in the evening. This is also a reason to plan for the time it takes to walk back or to your camp location.
  • Bring your camera! One of the real thrills in high foliage areas in autumn is to take photos to show later to friends and family. They will be great memories and serve as inspiration for your future hikes as well! Why, it might even encourage you to go on longer hikes over several days and to explore different nature in the future.
  • Finally, you might want to consider hiking in a group. It can be more fun to share the experience while out in nature, and you also have people to share the lavish compliments about how stunning nature really is in autumn.