Sunrise in Belgium

Three mistakes you should avoid when hiking in autumn and want to take amazing photographs

This is the season when the colours of nature put on a show! We can expect forests changing from green to yellow and red. As the days become shorter, we also get a spectacular golden hour before sunrise and sunset which makes for stunning photography!


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Three basic tips to get you started

Check out these three photography mistakes to avoid during an autumn hike into nature. Get ready for those scenic moments to capture on photos!

1. To forget to do research of the area you will visit beforehand. Google Maps is your friend to find areas which present cool vistas to photography. Let’s say you want to go hiking in a forest that has small lakes. Well, are there piers you can visit during the golden hour? Maybe there is even a boat rental available so that you can take a boat out and get stunning photograpic settings looking towards the shoreline as the sun rises or sets.

2. You stay in late in morning, and thereby miss the photography golden hour which presents a light that makes the most mundane settings beautiful on a photo.

3. You did not bring your polarizer filter for your camera, which would bring depth to the colour of skies as well as reduce glare and reflections.

Enjoy your nature photography this autumn!

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