French countryside, Clelles.

3 ideas to consider for your next road trip in Europe

There are many towns in Germany and France with plenty to do and see. For example, how well aware are you of the old fishing harbor in Travemündein Germany, or the seaside resort in Honfleur? Here are three ideas to find places to include on your next road trip to explore the smaller gems in northern Europe.

1. Don’t mind the highways, instead, find the picturesque places that are connected with smaller country roads. Take for example the Romantische Straße in Germany, which winds through the Bavarian scenery. Find out what architecture and nature appeal to you most, place a finger on the map, and figure out which scenic road trips are known in the region.

2. Start with a seaside town and work your way inland. One example is Les Corniches on the French Riviera, which takes you from Monaco all the way to Menton. This route will let you see the stunning nature and coastal charm of southern France. If you want to settle in for a few days in quiet fishing villages, you will be excited to know that this route takes you to Villefranche-sur-Mer, which is only seven kilometers east of Nice. The distances may be short, but the small-town charm and coastal splendor makes up for the shorter drives. Take your time as you drive along the French Riviera, every kilometer is a treat.

3. If you are looking to have some grand and awe-inspiring background vistas, you should include the Alps. The La Route des Grandes Alpes in France takes you through four national parks and a total of 16 mountain passes. More than enough for having picnics and taking spectacular photos on your drive.

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