Sandal with the print to beach, on a beach. Waves rolling in.

Here comes July! Road trips in France and trends for road trips in late summer 2023

We have entered the month of July and find ourselves amid the summer holiday season. Beyond the beach holidays and the road trips, there are also several music events in the summertime. Recently we checked out summer festivals in both June and July, and there is still time to listen to jazz music at festivals around France (as well as elsewhere, of course).

A closer look at niche museums in Hamburg led to discovering a museum of optical illusions, a customs museum and more.

Finally, a road trip through the French Riviera presented some insights while enjoying the vistas of the far-stretching beaches in Cannes and Antibes. Also, don’t forget to check out this list of vacation trends for summer 2023, if you still have some time left to squeeze in another road trip or sun vacation.