Field in Tuscany, Italy at sunset.

Some ideas for vacations in summer 2023 following recent trends

Summer is officially here. We have entered the month of June and the sunshine can be found in many exciting and calm places around France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal, to name a few.

More night sleeper trains

This year we have more Nightjet trains to look forward to. With these, it will become even easier to zig-zag around Europe by rail. Check out this interview with ÖBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, where we learn more about the popularity of the Nightjet rail service.

A road trip by electric car might just be a good idea – But read this first

The adoption of electric and hybrid cars is growing at an astounding rate. However, there are different questions to ask yourself before you head out on a road trip by electric or hybrid car.

Germany has become more affordable for train travel

The German Rail Pass has been made available to everyone, not just German residents. This groundbreaking move makes it even easier and cheaper for international travelers to explore Germany in summer (or all year round, for that matter). Have a look at this interview with Deutsche Bahn where we find out more about this change to the German railpass that is a true game changer for rail travel enthusiasts!

High-speed train in Spain

Finally, in Spain, the recently launched AVLO service by Renfe has seen a surge in demand. More than 60 000 tickets were sold for the high-speed train service between Madrid and Seville. This means a new cool trend to try on your next train adventure in Spain this summer.