Skiis, gloves, and a backpack on a sunny day

Learn downhill skiing this winter? Check out these videos to learn the basics

This is the season for winter fun! And some of that fun involves going downhill on skiis, snowboards or what have you. If you have your heart set on learning downhill skiing this winter, these four videos will get you started. You may not be on the slopes yet, but these friendly and fun introduction videos from YouTube are a good start!

First have a look at this beginner ski lesson.

That video by SKNG Ski School is followed by this video by the same channel that picks up on the topic of sliding on snow.

It can be useful to have the same knowledge repeated and told by different people. So let us check out what Stomp It Tutorials have to teach us when it comes to learning downhill skiing.

You may feel that these videos are much to basic, but they are nonetheless important. For the sake of fun and something to look forward after you learned the basics, check out this video with 11 downhill skiing tricks to learn.

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