Skiing on a sunny day!

Get to grips with parallel turns in skiing! 3 common mistakes

Do you find parallel turns in skiing challenging? Maybe you turn the skiis to quickly, tip into the turn, or lean back too much?

Check out this quick video guide by Stomp It Tutorials to help you with your parallel turns in downhill skiing.

Also, remember to avoid these three common skiing mistakes:

  1. Don’t wear jeans or leggings when skiing. Just avoid cotton-based clothes altogether.
  2. Use ski goggles instead of sunglasses. Unless you have impeccable balance, you will notice that sunglasses fall off easily. Also, ski goggles keep you warm.
  3. And again, don’t lean backward just because you are picking up speed. This common mistake leads to maintaining control over the skiis so much more difficult, because you take your weight off the the edges of the skiis.