Easter eggs on a sunny beach

Easter is approaching and spring is in full swing

Soon we will celebrate Easter and long weekend holidays are now on the upswing. The spring weather and longer days in combination with a couple of extra days off are sure to inspire many to head out and explore Europe. Let’s see if you missed something here on Europe Zig Zag lately.

Rail adventure? Tips to smoothen your Interrail trip

As summer is approaching, the interest in Interrail trips around Europe grows. Have a look at these five tips to simplify your rail adventure this spring and summer.

A fancier place to visit?

Then how about heading to France and visiting one of the many châteaux? Try this puzzle and maybe you want to add one of these to your itinerary for your next Europe road trip.

Random road trips

Should you allow more randomness to be part of your road trip? This chronicle talks about the benefits of avoiding over-planning and including some random decisions on your next road trip.

Puzzle! Find the scenic road trips