Orange sky and two beach chairs

Psst, did you miss anything to welcome spring?

Spring is here and with it comes the expectation of warmer weather, sunshine, and more colors in nature. If you missed any of the inspiration for the spring, have a look at these.

I went to Bordeaux and saw..

A visit to Bordeaux where I had the chance to admire not only the local food but also the culture of the Aquitaine region in France. My particular favorites in Bordeaux were the seafood and the Place Saint-Pierre in the old town.

On the topic of sunshine

With a shortlist of sunnier places to visit, I picked between these three locations that are definitely top of the list of places to hang out in with a high probability of beaming sunshine.

What of the beach life?!

It is already prime time to stretch out on a beach in southern Europe and work on the suntan. Now, Tenerife is a stunning Spanish island and slightly unusual (for some) to do so, but the popularized beaches on Mallorca (have fun with the puzzle!) are a given choice for many.

Find the Spanish beaches

Let’s end this recap with a brain teaser for Spanish beaches. Can you find them?