Sunchair in hand

Find winter sun and warmth in three European cities

This time of year many are craving some sun and warmth. It is not impossible to find that, let’s check out three European cities that can have fairly warm temperatures even in the colder months of the year.

Malaga in Spain

It’s easy to feel comfortable on the sun coast in Spain, or Costa del Sol as it is known. But what can you experience if you really force yourself to leave the beach and the surrounding bars..? What lies north of the city? Read more here.. Also, take a look at relaxing and taking in the scenery in Malaga with some highlighted locations.

Lisbon in Portugal

Lisbon is placed on seven hills and I choose five of the districts among these to do my photography bonanza. The difference in altitude ranges greatly in the city and this is apparent when walking and up and down hills throughout the city. Check out more here..

Montpellier in France

If you are keen on a rail adventure, then nothing says that you can’t reach warmer climates in a day or two. Check out Montpellier mentioned in this blog post..