Skiers on a sunny day with mountains in the background

Three signs you are ready for winter sports in the French alps!

It is that season again, and many are checking their skis and snowboards to prepare for skiiing and snowboarding fun in the French Alps. Let’s see if you are one of the happy sporty winter sport enthusiasts.

1. You are already checking the snow fall conditions in ski resorts such as Les 3 Vallées and Serre Chevalier. Slowly but surely you are beginning to think about the best time after Christmas and New Year to go for some downhill fun in the French Alps!

2. You went into your storage area to take stock of your ski or snowboard equipment, asking yourself if you want to buy a new skiing equipment or a snowboard that matches your excitement.

3. You and your friends have already talked about the places you want to go to for winter sports. Also, you already have a short list of places in the French Alps that you all agree sound like most fun!

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