Vast winter landscape for skiing

Tired of Netflix? Three ways to stay active this winter

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The winter months bring with them plenty of quiet time. Maybe you find yourself watching just a bit too much Netflix than you would prefer.

Let’s check out three ways to stay active over the winter months!

Go for a photo walk that outside your city. Pick a scenic area that is accessible and bring your smartphone and a friend to take photos. Better yet, combine it with bringing some food and mulled wine to indulge yourself with on the way. You can easily extend your photo walk into a day out, and bring back photo memories to show!

If you are lucky enough to see a winter landscape with snow, you could find a spot to go cross-country skiing. With cold temperatures you might want to go ice skating. Simple pleasures that should not be forgotten.

Try biking in the winter landscape. That’s right, going for a longer bike ride with a fat bike in the snow can change up the ordinary long walk. The fat bike is named that way for it’s wide and knobbly tyres.